A serious message and a bunch of fun

Despite the iconic t-shirts, you’re more likely to hear the Walking Samoans before you see them… The Whau Walking Samoans are a cacophony of chatter, laughter and great music, as they come together to Zumba and walk every Friday and Saturday.

With the encouragement of Auckland’s Radio Samoa, the Walking Samoans as started in 2013 to address the shorter life expectancy, obesity and diabetes that plague the Pacific community. The group provides easy and fun access to exercise while sharing in the company of other Pacifika people. There are now multiple groups throughout Auckland and beyond.

Since the 40-strong Whau group began, there has been a noticeable drop off in vandalism in the outdoors space where they meet. As a result, group members were the first to be invited by NZ Police to volunteer for the Whau Pacific Wardens position recently appointed.

All ages walk with the group, from toddlers to 90-year-olds. Join in from 7.30am-9.00am, or call local coordinator, Susi Taase, for questions on mb 027 343 7314.

• Friday at the Community Centre Hall for Zumba.

• Saturday under the spider for Zumba and walking.