Steadier on your pins with Tai Chi

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Recognising a need for several of its clients, Avondale Family Physio began staging free Tai Chi classes for seniors to help them with balance issues.

Around 30 to 60% of people aged 65 and over have a fall each year. In those aged over 85, there is a significantly greater chance a fall will lead ultimately to placement in residential care.

A Chinese martial art practiced for its defence training and multiple health benefits, Tai Chi increases muscular strength and improves fitness, balance, and flexibility making it effective in preventing falls. Also, importantly, learning Tai Chi can increase confidence and reduce fear of falling.

Seeing that there is nowhere else to get help locally with balance issues, Avondale Family Physio owner, Barb Wheeler, gladly supports the classes, held across the road from the clinic at the Avondale Community Fale.

Classes are held at 10am on Thursday mornings during school term time. They are suitable for people of all ages whether seated or standing, beginner or advanced. For more information and to reserve your place, contact the clinic reception on ph 869 2913 or 021 022 96836.