Space to work

Are you working from home but think you could benefit from a more creative environment? Tired of sitting in traffic travelling to the city for work? Tristan Marris has opened his second co-working space in Avondale. Out West, but still close to the city, he says it is a great way to add a boost to your business.

“In shared office space, business owners tend to feed on the energy of other entrepreneurial enterprises, and often there are real synergies to be found,” says Tristan. “It’s a modern way of working that can really help businesses grow.”

Working in such an office environment himself has culminated in Tristan creating his own software startup. developing a business management system called ROLL, that is now a Xero-approved add-on partner. The company has caught hold in Australasia and the UK with the US now starting to take an interest.

This is a great opportunity to jump into a flexible and enjoyable work environment with like-minded people. Spaces and prices are variable; pay for permanent desk spaces or hot-desk to suit; hire a room or meeting place as a one off; and, before you ask ... yes, it offers: flexible terms, chairs, 24 x 7 access for permanent residents, gigabit internet, meeting rooms, a kitchen, air-conditioning, stand-up desks if preferred, A4/A3 colour laser printing and scanning, and parking aplenty. For the uber-cool, you can also use the in-house electric scooter to ferry you around Avondale. Call Tristan now to arrange a viewing time.

Colony - Space to Work

(behind Barbarino’s Spaghetteria)

1790 Gt North Rd, Avondale

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