Hawaiian hula in our hood

Aruna Po-Ching begins Hula classes in Avondale

Having recently moved to Avondale, Aruna Po-Ching has decided to return to teaching hula after a three-year hiatus.

Herself of Samoan-Chinese extraction (though Ponsonby born and bred), Aruna Po-Ching

founded the first officially sanctioned Hawaiian hula school in Aotearoa’s history almost a decade ago under the direction and guidance of kumu hula (hula teacher), Blaine Kamalani Kia.

Aruna is the acting kumu for Aotearoa, part of a global network with schools in Hawaii, Japan, Canada and Sacramento. She has hosted international artists from Hawaii, run workshops, classes, produced stage shows, danced in Hawaii with her students and been guest lecturer at the University of Auckland. You couldn’t put your hips in better hands!

Beginning June, Aruna will be teaching history, song, chant and dance to 5 year olds through to adults each Monday from the Creative Souls Hub at 12 Holly Street (Avondale Intermediate).

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