From feeding 3,000 a week to 5,000 a day - can you find Fair Food a home?

Fair Food is looking for a new home in West Auckland. Do you know of a warehouse space? Can you help ?

Fair Food is has been a food rescue service since 2011 distributing tons of good surplus food to over 50 charities, social agencies and food banks throughout our neighbourhood.

It has gone from from feeding 3,000 a week to 5,000 a day

Pre Covid-19 Fair Food was delivering rescued food to help address waste and feed over 3,000 people a week in our community. Since lockdown, it is now delivering rescued food to help feed over 5,000 a day.

In fact, it is via Fair Food that many in need get fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and protein in their food parcels to supplement the dry and non-perishable items procured by food banks.

Food insecurity or scarcity - not being sure where your next meal is coming from - is growing.

It is now estimated 1 in 5 New Zealanders are facing food insecurity.

Some of the vulnerable, you will likely personally know.

Can you help them find & set-up a new hub?

Fair Food is looking to fast track the set-up of a hub to amalgamate under one roof, its operations currently across a handful of sites in West Auckland.

The Fair Food hub is where good surplus food would be consolidated, sorted and re-distributed in a seamless, safe & timely manner to help thousands in need in West Auckland.

This will be a place where community groups, social agencies and food banks can call in & collect, and where its partners can visit and get involved.

A place where it can enable people to connect, contribute and get work experience around key programmes piloted earlier this year such as the ‘Do Good Work Do’ which supported ‘Feed the Streets’ in Avondale.

In sum, the hub will free them up to rescue more and do more good for the community.

This is where you come in!

Do you have a 300sqm-500sqm space or warehouse that would suit?

Ideally the site needs a roller door, commercial or kitchen facilities, running water, toilet, some parking and be secure.

If there is no chilled storage, it can be brought in. If there is chilled storage and three point power, even better.

From the outset, 5 core staff will be based there, and 1-2 vehicles at a time.

Volunteers will come & go at set times, sometimes in groups.

Same goes for charities, social agencies & food banks - where able & practical, they will collect in allotted time slots.

There is some budget for a hub. But with many grants once relied on for staff & operational costs now non-existent or deferred, any help with respect to funding or goods-in-kind to find, prepare and set-up the hub quick smart (over May) will be warmly welcome and duly acknowledged.

Tradies & supplies for working bees welcome too!

Let’s build community resilience & recovery together.

Getting the community back on its feet as soon as possible with surety around good, nutritious food delivered in a safe & timely manner - and a place for donors, volunteers, community groups and businesses to connect - is fundamental and better for us all, and fair. No question.

We can’t let food scarcity be the next pandemic in our own backyard.

If you can help us in any way, please do get in touch. Thank you.

We know it’s tough across the board - for business and individuals alike.

We’re in this together.

Veronica Shale

Executive Director / Chief Cheerleader

021 31 00 44

Justine Knowles

General Manager / Head Hustler, Operations

022 167 8963