Hang out with Sina

Sina Tetini was brought up seeing her parents give freely to others. Her social worker father took his work into the local community and his love of helping people has rubbed off onto his daughter.

Living in Avondale, Sina found that there weren’t may activities for people in the community: “I noticed people just wandering around with nothing to do,” she says, so she created the Community Hangout, a place where people can connect to others in the community.

On Mondays, the Hangout (based in Avondale Community Centre) provides lunch, games, advice and companionship for around 40 attendees. Everyone is welcome. Sina runs the gathering with her husband Temana, using donated food including fare from the Shared Garden, but mostly, they fund the meals themselves.

Spag bol, lasagne, chop suey and potato salad are regulars on the menu, with club sandwiches being a favourite in the hotter months.

Welcome helpers are Royden and Trevor - an ex-chef who creates a delicious soup each week.

Cultural performances are welcomed and special occasions are celebrated, such as a Christmas Party put on by the couple’s church last year.

After noticing that women are often less likely to mingle than men, Sina also started a women’s group. The women meet for coffee an hour before the Monday lunch, to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

“Both groups are an opportunity to meet a growing number locals, listen to their stories, and connect,” says Sina.

“Knowing people are happy with what we provide, the food we serve, and the advice we give brings a lot of joy,” she says.

If you’d like to support the Community Hang Out, donations of canned food, dry goods, fruit and vegetables, meat (which is rarely donated), prizes for games and cash donations will all find a good use.

Contact Sina Tetini mb 022 566 8136 or Temana Tetini mb 021 0812 1907 or email sina.tetini27@gmail.com.