Beer! It helps to know your craft

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Kicked out of his Eden Terrace beer shop when City Rail seized the property to create a new Mt Eden station, Hopscotch owner, Hugh Grierson, took a leap of faith and re-established last year in industrial Avondale.

Hugh was the first in Auckland to offer multiple tasting taps and, at his new premises, 30 taps showcase a craft beer selection that Hugh believes is one of the best in Auckland, with something to suit every palette, including their own brews.

Hopscotch is designed for lovers of beer – pop in for a tasting and buy your own 1 litre flip-top re-useable glass bottle or 2 litres mini-keg to carry home your fave brew of the week. “Now we're finding out about microplastics and contamination from plastic,” says Hugh, “it’s a great environmental option. Not to mention the saving of 33kgs of glass it takes to hold a keg’s worth of beer in stubbies.”

With his business partner, Kevin, Hugh aims to brew twice a month this year, building a larger brewery when storage allows. Kevin and Hugh have their own brands, Coaster and Mandrake respectively. Their flavours reflect the trends of the East and West coasts of American that make their way to New Zealand a year or so after their surge in popularity there.

Last summer, a style invented in San Francisco, the Brut I.P.A hit the market – it uses an enzyme that breaks down the sugars for the yeast, producing a very dry and clear (and inadvertently low carb) I.P.A. The East Coast or New England I.P.A is an older style New Zealand has embraced, it uses a different yeast that doesn't clarify; it is full of fruity flavour and tastes more like an European beer style.

At Hopscotch, you will also find a selection of fine wine and some classy spirits such as Cuban rum and genuine Tequila not easily found elsewhere – “They’re as expensive as a good Scotch,” says Hugh, “but they are also as nice as a good scotch!”

Come summer (or for a mid-winter fest!), Hopscotch has a squadron of party keg pourers for you to use at home, these are driven by CO2 so your beer tastes great to the last drop, with very little wastage.

Buy your beer local!

Hopscotch can be found at 57a Wolverton Street, Avondale -