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I had never seen the magazine and reckon that it is a great read, very relevant and local (obviously).

I live in Ponsonby and their magazine doesn’t compare!


Mark Lockhart, Tree Council

April 2020

Awesome to still have the 'Avondale - About Us' magazine come out during lockdown, obviously as an online publication, rather than delivered to our letterboxes.  Fantastic work Cynthia, and contributors, including Nate and Jessica.

 JVB is proud to be the proofreader of the magazine. It was a busy weekend of reading.

Jason Valentine-Burt, Resident

April 2020

The issue looks to be packed with useful and inspirational content Cynthia. Not least your opinion piece about the threatened Canal Rd felling.  Thankyou for allowing me to be part of this ongoing project.


Janet Charman, Resident

April 2020

Avondale is the first suburb I've lived in that feels like it has hope as a community. I'm excited reading about Kay Thomas and Marcus Amosa and their visions plus all the activities upcoming, the LGTBQI Community Safe initiative, Barbarinos (already on our must go to list), spotted Beach Pizza (heard about it but didn’t know where it was), the Ki-O Rahi tournament. (Amazing, I never knew of this game). I don’t have a real dentist so Avondale Dental is now on my radar. My son has used Cain Tattoo and my wife is going to visit them. So the magazine works, the advertising from local businesses works...   About Us Avondale magazine is the only publication I read cover to cover and maybe The Listener. :-) So again, thank you. An amazing job you are doing and an important one.


 David Paul, Resident

December 2019

Congratulations on the fabulous job you are doing with About Us! - what a lovely, quality publication to champion our beloved Avondale.

Joanne Davies, JoGraphic

October 2019

About Us is an awesome publication. It makes me proud to live in such an amazing place with amazing people!  ♥️

Tony Gibbs

October 2019

Mag looks GREAT …. bravo yet again. So much happening in Avondale!

Tracey Stimpson

October 2019


Really stoked to receive the new edition of About Us in the mailbox yesterday. 

Stephanie and her dogs look great in the front. 

Nate Savill

October 2019

Love the mag it’s a good read and patients really enjoy it.

Barb Wheeler,Avondale Physiotherapy

October 2019


Really enjoyed the recent edition of About Us.

Catherine Farmer,Whau Local Board

October 2019


A great bumper issue. Well done.  Lots to read there.

Uma Singh, Hatha Yoga Teacher

October 2019

Inspiring and uniting Avondale through community awareness

Uma Singh Chopra

September 2019

I write to applaud you for the excellence of this suburban magazine.  What a little beauty! I have lived in Avondale for 25 years and am delighted to finally have a read that is informative, intelligent, and all-encompassing. For too long we have had to put up with the likes of The Western Leader or The Spiders Web, both of which serve their purpose, but fail to portray Avondale in its true light. Well done! I look forward to the next issue.

Sheridan Robinson

August 2019

Congrats on another fabulous edition - you're killing it!

Ina Patisolo

August 2019

Great work, Cynthia!  This really is a very good edition indeed. 

You’ve also balanced all the political considerations very nicely. 

Dr Deborah Russell, Labour MP for New Lynn

 August 2019

It is wonderful to finally have a community magazine that focuses on the community and all the amazing things that happen within it. It's a magazine that we can all be proud of, so thank you to Cynthia for all her work on it and to all the businesses who supported it by buying advertising space. Please be sure to support those businesses in return.

Jason Valentine-Burt

Avondale Community FB Group

I had time to read this cover to cover on a plane ride back from Wellington yesterday.  I just wanted to congratulate you on this – what a great read.  I hope this is a successful venture as I can see lots of avenues to promote Avondale.  Well done and congratulations.

Grant Tetzlaff

Inspector, Avondale Police

Congrats again on getting your first issue off the ground – It’s been awesome seeing the wonderful reception it’s been getting. You must be rapt!

Therese Sutherland

Senior Communications & Marketing Advisor

Panuku Developments

Wow - what a treat to find in my letterbox in waterview!  Great content throughout and I’m definitely going to try the yumcha at yacht! I’ve often wondered if it was good!

Scott Hatton


Such a great magazine! I’ve learnt so much about Avondale that I never knew happened.

Well done Cynthia Crosse!

Caitlin Day


We received it last night and we love it   It is so nice to receive a publication that actually captures the diverse voices of Avondale and represents all of our community (and isn’t just people moaning about things!)  Love your work!

Diane Sutherland



Cynthia, the magazine looks AWESOME!! Congratulations on a job well done!

Aruna Po-Ching

I’d like commend you for bringing About Us, Avondale to the people. Long overdue and what a beauty!  There’s so much happening in our lively little neighbourhood it’s long overdue. Informative, well designed and I’m sure it’s been well received.

Tracey Stimpson



Let me compliment you on your informative magazine that you have recently distributed, well done.  Some of the residents here at the Village have accessed a copy from the library and have thoroughly enjoyed the content.

Denise Te Tai, Cosmopolitan Village

June 2019


Again huge congratulations for getting out your first edition of About us (Whau) – it is great to meet and know people who walk the talk!

Amo Ieriko, Age Concern Avondale

June 2019


Editor Cynthia Crosse, who’s responsible for putting the whole thing together has done an amazing and professional job covering a range of local stories.

Dayne Smith, I Love Avondale

June 2019


A really great read and long overdue ... so much happening in Avondale.

Bravo Cynthia Crosse. Stylish and informative.

Tracey Stimpson, Resident

June 2019

This is awesome! I loved reading this magazine over a coffee at Rosebank. Found so much great community initiatives that I didn't even know existed! Well done to the editor👍🏽

Gin and Andy Pita

June 2019

Congratulations Cynthia Crosse! Enjoyed the read. Great publication delivered to my letterbox! 😎

Louise Matheson

June 2019

Was very excited to see this. Loved the stories and super professional presentation.

Samantha Smith

June 2019

I noticed the last edition and had a really good read. It is was professional put together. Great local advertising. Well done.

Tia Caffery

June 2019

I just read a really good story about the artist Melodownz very inspiring to the Youth.

Juanita Hall

June 2019

Awesome news! Literally 😛

Jess Etheridge

June 2019

It’s a good read great work Cynthia :)

Mandy Siitia

June 2019


Dennis Niu

June 2019

A beautifully presented grassroots community building project. Sets a great example for similar projects in other areas. Expect this multi modal publication to make a palpable difference.

David McNab

May 2019