8,000 copies of About Us magazine are printed and distributed as follows:

•           To letterboxes in Avondale and Waterview;

•           To select businesses in Avondale; and

•           We drop bundles to the library, the Whau Local Board office, schools, cafes, lunch bars and laundries in Avondale.

Magazines are not delivered to addresses where there is no letterbox or where the letterbox is unsuitable for receiving or holding such material, such as letterboxes that are already full.

Other mail/material already in the letterbox will not be removed to make space for the magazine.

We cannot make promises on exactly which days the magazines will be delivered due to weather.  For the safety of our deliverers and the integrity of the magazine, we can only deliver when it is not raining.  However, we anticipate that all deliveries will be completed by the first week of each month.



We respect the draft Waste Management and Minimization Bylaw 2019 that requests non-delivery to letterboxes marked:


•           Addressed mail only

•           No newspapers or circulars


But accepts delivery to letterboxes marked:


•           Addressed mail and newspapers only

•           No circulars

•           No junk mail

•           No advertising material

•           And all other non-marked letterboxes

If you do not wish to receive a magazine in your letterbox, please confirm your details below:

Do Not Mail

By submitting this form, I declare that I am authorised to make this request on behalf of this household.

Not Receiving My Magazine

If you are within the above delivery area and not receiving a magazine, please let us know: