Truth be told, though I’ve lived in Avondale for a decade, eight weeks ago, I really had no inkling as to what a

truly awesome suburb it is. I live at the motorway end of Avondale and had felt little reason to stroll the mainstreet until Brown St came along.

Who knew there is such richness to our “Third World” hood?!

Everywhere, people tell me how much they LOVE Avondale - from historian Lisa Truttman to Whau Local Board member, Catherine Farmer; pro-baller BJ Anthony and Melowdownz, to name a few.

My brief road to pulling this magazine together has uncovered a host of talented, cool people with big hearts.

I’ve met the lovely Imam of our local mosque, coffee’d with the regional police inspector, met with local support workers and homeless teenagers. I’ve movied at the Hollywood, eaten Yum Cha, savoured Snack & Scoop’s award-winning shake, sampled Hopscotch’s local brews, discovered we have a supermarket (hello Supervalue!), had a haircut at Felice and eaten a LOT of fried chicken.

And that’s just one issue down.

I’m looking forward to continuing my editing journey, and I welcome your feedback.



With the support of Charlie and Douglas

June 2019